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Investigating and Documenting Slip, Trip and Fall Incidents

Gravity affects humans. Slip, trip and fall incidents affect worker safety in the office, the fleet, and the field. Strong incident investigation determines root causes, drives corrective actions, and provides evidence in claims processing and litigation. This session will convey the gold standard in investigating and documenting these incidents.

You will learn:

  • To identify applicable OSHA and consensus standards
  • To identify common physical and behavioral slip/trip/fall hazards
  • To apply root cause investigation techniques to slip/trip/fall incidents

Sneak Peak: See the Courses We Are Planning to Release in the Coming Months

As we prepare to head out to Charlotte to attend the Fall 2019 Utility Safety Conference & Expo, we’ve made plans to record the following conference sessions to convert to new iPi Online courses:

  • Made from Scratch: The Tale of Modern Leak Surveying
  • Safer Together: How to Shift from Compliance to Commitment & Boost Safety Performance
  • Risk Assessments and Hazard Identification
  • Field Observations: Proactive Methodology to Ensure Maximum Safety
  • Substations & Power Plants: Switching & Tagging or Lockout-Tagout?
  • Science Meets Safety Culture: Building a Strong Human Performance Foundation in Your Workforce
  • Harnessing the Power of Habit
  • Incident Control: De-escalating Volatile Situations in the Field

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Leadership Styles & The Art of Flexecution
NOVEMBER 13, 2019 | 3PM ET/ 2PM CT / 1PM MT / 12PM PT

“People are always equal but never the same” is a very true and very powerful statement. Its implication for anyone in a leadership position is that the leader must be adaptable and use a variety of leadership styles. In this course, we will introduce different leadership styles and discuss how each should be used. We will highlight that there is no right or wrong leadership style and that you will often use a combination of styles based on people and circumstances. This is a must-attend course for anyone wanting to enhance their leadership skills by expanding their understanding of leadership and the application of leadership styles.


  • People are always equal but never the same
  • Understanding personality types and preferences
  • Defining and applying different leadership styles

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