Online Learning for Utility Safety & Ops Professionals

Learning Format Guide

Four Ways to Learn


Course for Credit (C4C) courses provide subscribers seeking to earn CUSP points. Each course features video content that is divided up by several quiz questions. After you complete the video and quizzes, you are presented with a final exam that you must pass in order to receive your certificate of completion and credential credit.



Video on Demand (VOD) provides subscribers instant access to high-quality streaming HD video of a safety topics presented by utility-industry experts. Subscribers also get access to any and all downloadable learning support materials. VOD is a perfect solution for those who aren’t interested in taking quizzes or passing tests to earn credential credits and just want access to top-notch utility safety knowledge and information.


Live Webinar (LW) events give subscribers the ability to attend a live, online educational webinar and interact with industry experts. Attendees earn CUSP credit and get access to a video on demand version of the live presentation.



Quick Learning (QL) topics give subscribers instant access to short 5-10 minute videos that feature interesting utility safety insights. These are perfect for on-the-go professionals who may not always have time to watch an hour-long video, but still want to constantly be learning. They’re also great items to share at tailgate meetings!

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