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Dave McPeak

Controlling Hazards - Frontline Webinar Replay (WEB)

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Incidents occur because in some combination hazards are not identified, hazards are tolerated, and hazards are not properly controlled. In this webinar replay, speaker David McPeak will briefly discuss hazard identification and risk tolerance and then focus on controlling hazards. Participants in the webinar will learn how to utilize the hierarchy of control as a decision making tool that helps mitigate hazards to the fullest extent possible by establishing safety by design and defense in depth.


  • The differences between traditional compliance audits and improvement audits.
  • Why and when a safety improvement audit should be completed.  
  • What should be included in a comprehensive safety improvement audit.
  • How to use a safety perception survey and a common cause analysis to help identify specific safety culture issues and areas of vulnerability.
  • How to identify strengths and weaknesses within safety management systems, training systems and written rules and procedures.
  • How to develop an effective plan for future improvement. 


    David McPeak, Incident Prevention Institute

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