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  • Culture: What Caves Can Teach Us - Frontline Webinar Replay (VOD)
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Dave McPeak

Culture: What Caves Can Teach Us - Frontline Webinar Replay (VOD)

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If you were in a cave and someone yelled, “Watch out for that stalagmite!”, would you look up or down? If you said down, you are correct. This course will use imagery from caves to provide insight about how organizational culture forms and provide participants with an assessment of what type of safety culture exist in their respective organizations. After completing this course, participants will identify their role in culture creation and understand the importance of individual and team alignment with the mission, vision, and values of the organization.


  • Understand their role as a safety leader in culture creation
  • Define and foster a successful safety culture
  • Apply safety as a core value in everything they do


    David McPeak, Incident Prevention Institute

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