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  • Human Performance: What Is It and Why Should We Study It? (WEB)
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Dave McPeak

Human Performance: What Is It and Why Should We Study It? (WEB)

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Do the same kinds of incidents continue to occur at your organization? When incidents happen, are you left in disbelief that they happened, about how they happened and about who they happened to? If your answer to either of these questions is yes, there is room for improvement and an opportunity to incorporate Human Performance (HP) into your safety program. HP has two goals - reduce errors and manage controls. This is accomplished by understanding why people do what they do they way they do it. This course will provide an introduction to HP and make a case for why it should be studied and incorporated into safety programs.


  • Understand different methods of measuring safety
  • Introduce and define Human Performance
  • Challenge participants to examine how effectively HP principles are integrated into their respective safety programs
  • Define performance as the combination of behavior and results (P = B + R)
  • Explain the goals of HP
  • Understand why HP should be studied and utilized


    David McPeak, Incident Prevention Institute

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