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  • Leading for Safety's Sake (VOD) - iP Institute
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  • Leading for Safety's Sake (VOD) - iP Institute
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  • Leading for Safety's Sake (VOD) - iP Institute
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  • Leading for Safety's Sake (VOD) - iP Institute
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Jim Walters

Leading for Safety's Sake (VOD)

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As a utility safety and operations leader, you know how important it is to know how to effectively manage your team. Former lineman and current cognitive training expert Jim Walters taps into his “Get to Know Your Brain for Safety’s Sake” presentation to provide you with insightful and intelligent ways you can improve your leadership skills.


  • Several "ah ha's" regarding how to lead and/or practice working incident free.
  • Why management is key to the safety process and why leadership is key to the application of those processes.
  • The tenets of effective leadership including understanding the role of followers, moral development and more.
  • Key components of a safety leadership plan and how to effectively implement it



Jim Walters, The Power of Learning

Jim’s career spans 34 years in the electric utility industry as lineman, manager, and director. He is president and owner of Power of Learning an organizational development company. Jim is leading research on The Effect of Cognitive Training on Electric Line Worker Attentiveness sponsored by two power line contractors and two electric utilities. He is former president of the Association of Energy Service Professionals Midwest. His educational background includes an MBA from the University of Dubuque and the Doctor of Education (EdD) in Leadership from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. Accomplishments include co-inventor of patented research by Rochester Public Utilities (RPU) and the University of Minnesota on fuel cells and geothermal heat pumps.

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