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Pam Tompkins

Safety Improvement Audits - What, Why, When, and How (VOD)

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Audit? Just the thought of participating in an audit brings to mind frightening thoughts. So why would an organization want to spend time, money and resources to audit when it could be painful.  To answer this question, organizations must develop a deeper understanding of using audits as an improvement tool rather than a way to monitor compliance.


  • The differences between traditional compliance audits and improvement audits.
  • Why and when a safety improvement audit should be completed.  
  • What should be included in a comprehensive safety improvement audit.
  • How to use a safety perception survey and a common cause analysis to help identify specific safety culture issues and areas of vulnerability.
  • How to identify strengths and weaknesses within safety management systems, training systems and written rules and procedures.
  • How to develop an effective plan for future improvement. 


    Pam Tompkins, CSP, CUSP , SET Solutions LLC

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