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Lee Marchessault

Substation Safety (VOD)

$ 49.00



Any employee working on substations needs to understand the dangers and how to take the appropriate safety steps. Utility safety expert Lee Marchessault breaks down all of the hazards involved in substation work as well as the new OSHA regulations that organizations are required to follow.


  • Substation hazards
  • A greater understanding of the new OSHA regulations, including:
    • Requirements for qualified workers
    • Job briefings
    • PPE changes
    • Switching & Tagging vs. Lockout Tag out
    • Grounding
    • Vehicles in substations
    • General substation safety



Lee Marchessault, Workplace Safety Solutions

Lee Marchessault is the president of Workplace Safety Solutions. He is a licensed electrician with 35 years of experience in the electric utility industry, both in the field and as an EHS manager. Lee also is an adjunct instructor at Keene State College and has developed electrical safety programs for OSHA Training Institute Education Center (Region One). In addition to authoring numerous articles and speaking about electrical safety in the U.S. and abroad, Lee is an active member of the NFPA, ASSE, IEEE and National Safety Council Utilities Division.

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