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iPi Online has more than 100 on-demand courses and videos in its base catalog, providing subscribers with a wealth of utility safety knowledge, insight and expertise. From coaching and leadership skills to equipotential grounding and rope access programs for lattice tower, we have the topics you want to learn about.

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The Art of Safety

Safety is a basic human need and a workplace right, but it is also a science. In this course, you’ll learn about the art of safety – how and why to understand, lead, develop, and protect people. We will also touch on electrical theory, ergonomics, and standards applicable to your workplace. This course includes a downloadable workbook.

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Unnormalizing Deviation

Risk tolerance tends to have a compounding and exponential effect over time through a phenomenon known as normalization of deviation (NOD). This course starts by exploring factors that contribute to NOD and explains how you can identify when it is occurring. It then details principles and strategies you can use to overcome NOD and accurately identify hazards and risks with full situational awareness, ultimately unnormalizing deviation.

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Heat Stress

Much of your work occurs outdoors exposing you to hazards associated with heat.  This course explains how to protect yourself from common heat illnesses along with identifying their symptoms and treatments.  It covers how heat affects your normal body function and why heat illnesses happen.  This is a must attend course for anyone with heat exposure, especially those working in hot and humid climates.

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How to De-escalate Conflicts in the Field

Some people handle verbal confrontations with ease, yet most of us find it difficult and unpleasant. Utility workers are no exception. Utility work tends to attract adventurous and forceful personalities, so backing down is rarely the first instinct and de-escalation is seldom their natural response. For utility workers, de-escalating volatile situations in the field takes unique skills and approaches that typical de-escalation training just doesn’t address. They need proactive skills which help them understand – when to engage, how to engage, and when to escape the situation.

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