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Self-Paced Prep Course Exclusively for CUSP

What is CUSP Prep?

Produced by the Incident Prevention Institute, CUSP Prep is a self-paced course designed to enhance test-taking skills and help learners to prepare for the Certified Utility Safety Professional (CUSP) exam. It is to help you determine how much time and effort you need to put into your preparation process. The CUSP certification program is the only program that offers safety credentials to utilities, related contractors and communication providers.

CUSP Prep Components

  • Pre-Test to establish your baseline of readiness
  • Preparation and Testing Strategies
  • Live Facilitated CUSP Prep Webinars
  • Practice Domain Quizzes
  • Overview of topics likely to be tested on
  • Worksheets for endorsements

CUSP Prep was developed to provide learners with a higher degree of confidence and competence in taking the exam.

The USOLN does not require a CUSP candidate to take any education or training in order to take the CUSP exam. It does not recommend or endorse any particular CUSP exam prep or review course. CUSP Prep was developed independently from the CUSP exam. It does not guarantee that you will pass the CUSP exam.

Become more confident in your ability to pass the CUSP exam!

“I think this is the greatest thing in the world. I am not sure that I could have passed the test if it weren’t for all the prep and webinars. I really enjoyed being able to ask David questions, and he made me confident once I went to take the exam.”
~John, CUSP Online Prep participant

LIVE Online Study Sessions

As part of CUSP Prep, you will have access to LIVE online study sessions facilitated by utility industry experts at the dates and times listed below. Study sessions will help you determine your level of preparation and next steps; give you the opportunity to ask questions; provide content likely to be covered on the CUSP exam; and allow you to interact with your peers. You are welcome to attend any of the sessions. Be sure to attend at least one!


Director of Professional Development


Before Purchase

What’s included in CUSP Prep?

CUSP Prep starts with pre-tests and then studying and test taking skills and strategies.  Throughout the course you will take randomized quizzes on each exam domain.   Periodically, you can assess your readiness and determine your path forward with our exclusive CUSP Exam Simulation. And, during all this, you will have access to LIVE Online Study Sessions facilitated by a highly qualified and certified subject matter expert.

When are the live webinars?
Check the schedule for live webinars on our website, offered periodically. Go to this website and scroll down to view the Live Online Study Sessions:
When will I get my login?
After you purchase CUSP Online Prep, you’ll receive an email with your login details and further instructions within 1-2 business days.
Do I have to take CUSP Prep in order to take the CUSP Exam?

No, you can take the CUSP exam without taking CUSP Prep.The CUSP Prep course is optional and is something that we highly encourage people to take if they are seeking to assess their readiness. Also, it provides insight into exam content that you cannot find elsewhere, and increases the chances of passing the exam on your first attempt.

When should I start CUSP Prep?

Anytime! Signing up for CUSP Prep does not mean you’re committing to take the CUSP exam. Instead, it will assess your readiness and identify exam domains you know well and those you don’t. It will also provide you with a personalized path between prep and the exam.

How long will I have access?
One year from date of purchase, or until you pass the CUSP exam, whichever is shorter.
How long does it take to complete CUSP Prep?
Because of the personalized nature of the course, and the specific knowledge you already have, the length of the course must be different for everyone. Some require a few days while others require a few months. Approximately six weeks is average. Note: you will have access for a year or until you pass your exam, whichever is shorter.
How often are the CUSP exams offered?

USOLN has recently partnered with ASC, an exam software company, to administer the exams. Through this partnership, you can take the exams 24 hours a day/7 days a week from the comfort of your own home or office. This eliminates travel costs and time, and enables you to schedule the exam at a time that is convenient for you.

For more information visit click here

When and how do I register for the CUSP exam?

You can register for the exam whenever you feel ready at

If you start CUSP Online Prep and have not yet registered for the exam, the prep course will help you decide the optimal time for your exam based on your individual needs.

Already signed up for your exam and still want CUSP Online Prep? No problem, you can sign up for CUSP Online Prep at any time here:

Who created CUSP Prep?

CUSP Prep is produced by the Incident Prevention Institute, an organization independent from the Utility Safety & Ops Leadership Network ( which administers the CUSP exam.

The USOLN does not require a CUSP candidate to take any education or training prior to taking the CUSP exam. It does not recommend or endorse a CUSP exam prep or review course. CUSP Prep & Review was developed independently from the CUSP exam, and it does not guarantee that you will pass the CUSP exam.