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Job Briefings

Computer-Based Course with David McPeak
2 hrs | 2 CUSP Points

Job Briefings covers job briefing design, evaluation and training. This is an excellent standalone course that also serves as a train-the-trainer for Job Briefings for Crew Leaders, allowing your operations and safety personnel to evaluate, support and train your crew leaders on effective job briefings.

This course, which is based on our Frontline training program, is a must for anyone involved in the development, evaluation and support of their job briefing program and anyone who conducts training on job briefings. See details below.

Get Job Briefings CBT Course

2-Hour Computer-Based Course

The Job Briefings computer-based course provides you with the competence and confidence you need to conduct effective job briefings. Upon successful completion of the course, you will understand:

  • When and how to conduct pre-job briefings, post-job briefings and two-minute drills.
  • How to identify hazards and risk.
  • Principles of hazard control and risk reduction.
  • C5 leadership and effective communication.
  • Strategies to involve and empower your team.
  • How to incorporate human error reduction techniques into job briefings.
David McPeak

Regulatory requirements are the baseline. Job Briefings outlines a complete cycle that includes pre and post job briefings and two-minute drills along with requisite knowledge and skills required to conduct effective briefings. The course proposes multiple purposes of briefings that will make them more than monotonous work planning tools resulting in an empowered team that communicates effectively. This course is a must for anyone that conducts, develops, evaluates, or participates in job briefings.

2 Months of Computer-Based Training Access

Move through the course at your own pace using video presentations, slides, or an audio version of the course. Lots of ways to learn all packaged together into one course!

Video Lessons Included

Hierarchy of Controls

Communication Cycle

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2 CUSP Points

Earn 2 CUSP Points for Job Briefings CBT


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Director of Professional Development, Incident Prevention Institute of UBM

David McPeak, CSP, CHST, CIT, CUSP, CSSM, is the Director of Professional Development at the Incident Prevention Institute of UBM. He holds a degree in Information Systems and Operations Management; has multiple certifications and professional designations; and has received numerous awards. David has served on OSHA Partnerships; executive and editorial boards; professional committees; an apprenticeship council, and industry SME panels.

He has extensive experience in utilities, construction, and transportation. His expertise includes leadership; human performance; safety; training; and professional development. He is also an Advanced Certified Practitioner in the areas of DISC, Motivators, Emotional Intelligence, HVP, and Learning Styles.

David loves to spend time with his wife and son and enjoys volunteering for various roles and projects in his church and community. He loves working out, Legos, sports, and plays golf but is not a golfer. He is passionate about personal and professional development for himself and others and believes that intrapersonal and interpersonal skills are the key to success.

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