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2-Hour Online Course

The Human Factor: Error Reduction


  • Duration
    2-Hour Session
  • CUSP points
    2 CUSP Points
  • Instructor

About The Human Factor: Error Reduction

Necessary actions rushed, complacency and in-attention — these are just a few of the human factor errors that go beyond one’s technical competencies for the task or job. In this two-hour session on human performance strategies, Parrish Owen Taylor takes you to the front line with actual case studies and how to proactively reduce human errors by developing emotionally intelligent crews.

Course Objectives

You will learn:
  • Understand human performance as an organizational development strategy
  • Define the five core competencies of emotional intelligence
  • Learn actionable strategies to improve human performance

Earn 2 CUSP points
for the 2 hour session!

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Parrish Owen Taylor

Thoughts and emotions are my favorite. Working to understand them in my own life as a young teenager in the early 80’s, I stumbled on to a science we now call emotional intelligence. It was a natural fit for me, frankly, I needed it back then and still do today (more than ever). It was around 1993 when living out my first entrepreneurial dream that I became so passionate about the idea of being smart about emotions. I incorporated the skills and ideas into every aspect of my life, personal and business. Let’s face it. No matter how smart we are, if emotions get the best of us, personal best is nowhere to be found. Today I am all about serving others by developing their EQ (emotional quotient). I live what I preach because I need to be my best for my family and my career pursuits. There is nothing I enjoy more than helping those from all walks of life learn to be their best by learning how to apply emotional intelligence in their life.

The views, information, or opinions expressed during this webinar are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent those of Utility Business Media and its employees. It is strongly recommended you discuss any actions or policy changes with your company management prior to implementation.

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