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2 -hr Online Course

Proceeding in the Face of Uncertainty, Why ‘Stop Work Authority’ is Not Enough

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    One 2-Hour Session
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    April 22, 2022 at 11am ET
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Proceeding in the Face of Uncertainty, Why ‘Stop Work Authority’ is Not Enough

Join Rey Gonzalez as he covers why Stop Work Authority programs don’t work and how to better understand human nature’s response to uncertainty so that a proper “STOP Work” can be used effectively.

Why Stop Work Authority is not Enough

Our experience has shown us that many undesirable events have occurred when workers are confronted with unexpected or undesirable conditions and instead of stopping, human nature takes over and we continue to try and get the job done. This is the case at many companies, who have attempted to institutionalize a Stop Work Authority program, by setting the expectation to use “Stop Work Authority”, yet they find that their workers are not using it and not supporting other workers that do. There are numerous reasons for this, and we will explore them in this module.

We have discovered through analysis of multiple undesirable events that there are visual cues that existed 90% of the time prior to undesirable events. We have found in most cases this information was not acted upon and resulted in an undesired outcome. 

We believe that front-line workers are the solution as they touch the system daily and can identify visible cues (“Triggers”) that are present which tell you something is wrong with your defenses. However, before this can happen, workers need to understand the importance of Stopping When Uncertain. 

In this presentation you will learn why Stop Work Authority programs don’t work and how to better understand human nature’s response to uncertainty so that a proper “STOP Work” can be used effectively. 

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • Why some “Stop Work Authority” programs don’t work.
  • How to leverage your Stop Work Authority to keep yourself, others, and company assets safe.
  • The relationships of “Organizational Weaknesses”, “Triggers” and “Error Precursors”.
  • Where “Triggers” reside along the Swiss Cheese model (©James Reason 1997).
  • The various drivers that push people into Proceeding in the Face of Uncertainty.
  • A clear understanding of the proper and complete way to Stop when uncertain.
    • The four steps in a proper STOP.
    • Why you should distance yourself from the work area when conducting a proper STOP. 
  • The impact of the “Halo Effect” on decision making.
  • Proper determination of start-work criteria after conducting a proper STOP.
  • Validation methodologies for the questions that caused you to STOP, based on level of risk.

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Rey Gonzalez

Rey Gonzalez

Rey Gonzalez has spent most his professional life working to improve overall safety, efficiency, and profitability through the enhancement of human performance. Rey has done so with a keen focus on improving coaching and mentoring as well as helping management and workers understand how to use Human Performance Tools in a manner to minimize their potential most effectively for making mistakes on the job, as well as keeping themselves and others safe. Rey helps management understand their role and responsibilities of providing a strong organization with effective defenses in place to minimize mistakes and eliminate undesirable incidents and events. Clients include American Electric Power, Duke Energy, Bechtel Corporation, URENCO, Sinclair Oil, Marathon Oil, Energy Northwest, Ontario Power Group, and the SI Group. Rey is a power plant professional with 41 years of diversified technical and organizational experience in the areas of operations, training, quality assurance, work management and performance improvement. Of note are Rey’s contributions in his development of (1) Coaching to Enhance Performance®, an approach to coaching that has received tremendous results (and rave reviews for its effectiveness) within the US commercial electrical, chemical and oil & gas industries; (2) Trigger Training™ which is a first of its kind training in human error reduction; and (3) Executive level mentoring to enhance leader behaviors and coaching skills for culture transformation in performance and safety improvement.

The views, information, or opinions expressed during this webinar are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent those of Utility Business Media and its employees. It is strongly recommended you discuss any actions or policy changes with your company management prior to implementation.